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Monday, August 16, 2010

I need a Camera to my Eye

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. Thumbing through photo albums of both my Grandpa Nelson and Aunt Lori introduced me to an art of photography that went beyond just capturing a moment in life. They both had an eye for the shot that was all their own. I always hoped that someday I would create a shot and someone would look at it and say, "Sara took that one!!" I can't really say that I have achieved that just yet. My camera is a digital Kodak that I bought more because I can carry it with me everywhere. I don't really have much control over what lighting comes in or even what I want the main focus to be. I love having the camera with me at all times though. The idea that I can take a shot whenever a moment arises appeals more to me now, but someday I will make the grownup leap to a real camera..For now though, I thought I might share a few of my favorite shots throughout the most recent years.

This is a picture I just took last week. The yellow in contrast with nature's green, blue and brown really stood out with me. A brillantly bright summer's day can bring out the colors of man and earth so wonderfully!

Taken just over a year ago in Black and White. This is just in front of Carnegie Hall, NYC sometime after 11:30pm. There was a light mist in the air and keeping it in black and white I felt that this shot could have easily been taken 30 years ago. Black and white shots make a photo timeless.

It's hard to find a better photography muse then Washington D.C. Spring is a wonderful time of year to see D.C. because of the starring cast of Cherry Blossoms all through out the city. Here is a vertical shot along the trunk of a cherry blossom tree.

Old Towne Montreal cannot take a bad shot. Cobblestone lanes, small shoppes, and old world structures are way Montreal is North America's most European like city. I took dozens of shots in both black and white and color and had a hard time choosing just one for this blog. To me, this shot pretty much summed up what I loved about the city at that time. It was the one day when it didn't rain and the sun warmed Montreal. This part of the city is predominately French speaking and you can feel that all around as you wander around the most interesting part of Montreal.

One of my favorite types of shots to take are these extreme close ups of plants and flowers. This was taken in San Francisco at a botanical garden. With these shots I feel the color and textures are almost tangiable through a two demential shot. With your eyes you can touch the plant, maybe?!

It's been a quiet week thus far, can you tell? I'm hoping to catch a few interesting wine events in the area. Concert wise, I have the Jenny and Johnny/Pavement concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Being an outdoors show, I am hoping to muster up enough courage to take a few pictures!

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