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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Citrusy Mojito Chicken paired with Albarino Wine

I am no culinary artist. Cooking doesn't bring zen or give me a great sense of accomplishment, far from it in fact. People feel compelled to step in after watching me cut an onion or a carrot in fear that I might chop off a finger and believe me, I have come close many times. I make a huge mess and clearly make a point to note that I am having no fun. Lots of sighing and comments of disappointment in my efforts. Time to snap out of it! Practice makes perfect, right? So I have come to the conclusion that all is better when I follow a recipe. Guidelines to let me know if I stick to the plan, what can go wrong? With that in mind, here's my effort with Citrusy Mojito Chicken.
First thing is first. I love Food and Wine magazine! I started a subscription about 6 months ago from an employee helping her son's school with a fundraiser. I like food. I like wine. Why not? Each month I have learned a lot about American wine including tours, types of wine, and of course the food that goes with them. The recipes can be a bit tricky, meant for the more advanced chef at times. This recipe seemed easy enough...Chicken, grape fruit, lime, mint, olive oil, and onion. The basic idea is to grill the chicken and top a fruity salsa on top of it. Paired with a nice Albrino wine, should be a good meal. Albrino is a spanish grape that seems like a Sauvignon Blanc, citrusy and bright. Perfect for the meal! Finding this wine in central long island wasn't too tough, so I hope while the weather is warm you all can get your hands on a bottle. The one I found was Martin Codar's 2008 Spanish Albarino...Pictured below..

Plating is an art form, friends! A form that I have not mastered, clearly. The lighting in my house at night is lacking for the photos. These shots aren't really doing the meal any justice! The shot just above looks like I hacked up the chicken, but its the citrus salsa on top.
I would try this recipe again though. Modification will of course be needed. Fresh products, like the mint, is a must. Maybe an orange instead of grapefruit? Is there a less tart version of grapefruit? For sure I will be pairing this meal with a local wine. Long Island has a few vineyards that make an excellent Sauvignon blanc. For those who aren't familiar with this type of grape, get to know it. It's a very juicy wine, but not too acidic. My employed vineyard's has a taste of ripe pear. A nice alternative for those who like Pinot Grigios. I didn't dislike the Albarino, but I found this wine a little uninspired. The grilled chicken washed away the flavor and I felt it was a bit too acidic. I'm thinking my sour grapefruit helped with that as well.
I linked this recipe into the title if anyone else wants to take a crack at this one!

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