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Sunday, August 1, 2010

eels by The Electronic Anthology Project

eels by The Electronic Anthology Project AKA Else
I can't believe I didn't hear about this until now..And I call myself a Built to Spill fan..
This is a sample song from The Electronic Anthology Project (aka Doug and Brett from BTS) remix of songs from Keep it Like a Secret and their most recent album, There is No Enemy. The songs have been given new anagram names, sometimes and an 80's pop spin.
On first listen, I think, "Wow, I could probably get away with playing Built to Spill at work now!" Gone are the polarizing, grinding electric guitars laced with feedback and turned up to 11. You won't find any song over 15 minutes here. Some remixes I can't even really say sound like 80's pop, just synthesized. Although "What if Your Dull(aka I Would Hurt a Fly)" and "Far Path Tall Sign(aka Things Fall Apart) " are pretty spot on for the genre. I'm not too sure why Doug and Brett did this to our beloved songs. I can't really see them being bored, though this leads me to think they had a quiet weekend or two. BTS tours constantly and are on tour now, whether they have an album out recently or not. They were just on Long Island last week at the Crazy Donkey.
This project reminds me of my grandmother's old organ in her living room. I only knew one song on the piano, but it was fun to punch the multi colored buttons to make all sorts of rhythms to this one song. Everything from a waltz beat to good ol' rock and roll. "Mary had a Little Lamb" takes on a whole new meaning when you put a Latin spin to it! This creation feels like the two members were hanging out in the basement and messing around with a keyboard to see what happens to their songs when you push the 80's pop button. Next up, BTS selects the Bossa Nova button and hilarity ensues as they play "Car" and rename it "Arc." Don't take this too seriously and you won't be too disappointed, just don't pay the $10 to download the album either.
Check in again soon as I review my insanely anticipated Spoon/Arcade Fire concert at Madison Square Garden. Arcade Fire's latest "Suburbs" comes out tomorrow and Pitchfork gave it a 8.6 out of 10. 10's being reserved only for Radiohead albums.;) I haven't heard it yet, but I actually look forward to hearing the songs live first before purchasing it. A bit backwards, but to me a great song holds up just as well live as it does on a record. We shall see!

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